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The main aspect of boarding is that students quickly learn how to perform many domestic chores and complete school assignments by themselves. The boarding facility gains an edge over the day-scholars in enabling the children to grow into more confident, more responsible, more success-driven individuals.

These are a few of the aspects the boarders get to gain:

  • Develop a sense of punctuality and discipline
  • Fewer distractions to take the focus away from studies
  • Become more self-reliant and independent

What our boarding offers:

  • Pollution-free environment
  • Perfect Routine with adequate space and time
  • Safe Surveillance and supervision
  • Anytime health and emergency assistance
  • State-of-the-art toilet and bathing cells
  • Adequate dining facilities
  • Hygienic water purifiers
  • Library and reading room
  • After school recreational activities
  • Academic assistance from resident faculties

Knowing your child or young person is being nurtured and well educated can be a huge relief to parents. The time spent together at weekends or in the school holidays can then become true “quality time”.

A happy, fulfilled and well-stimulated child – equipped to reach their full potential in adulthood – is what every parent wants!!