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Students at AIMS benefit from a cutting-edge campus with numerous sports fields and facilities. A building devoted to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) classes is among them, as are a multipurpose sports hall, a pool, indoor and outdoor basketball courts, swimming, billiards, and horseback riding. It is an honour for our students to have access to these two top-notch facilities as well. AIMS provides education in a welcoming, specific space where each student’s pursuit of personal excellence is given top priority. Both the teachers and the students at AIMS are from different Indian States.

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1.Value based Education System

Our students are encouraged to continue on their value-laden path, leading change in their community and eventually globally, as thinkers, communicators and contributors. We are committed to produce socially committed citizens.

2.Life Motivated Study

At this stage, we empower our students to meet the demanding intensity of board exams rimed with academic rigour and self-confidence, they begin to take responsibility for their learning and intellectual pursuits. We don’t lose sight of the bigger picture, though.

3.Overseas Under Graduate Education

AIMS always provide students chance to study abroad. Scholarships exams are conducted and get admission directly from the esteemed Universities from Australia, U.K & Singapore immediately after Grade 12.

4.Attractive Campus & Luxurious Hostel

AIMS is the one and only school which has world class infrastructure in Thirupur City, which will give confidence to students to improve in their academic and no-academic skills.

5.100% Success

It is always vital to have successful track record of results. AIMS always stand ahead in producing 100% results since its beginning.

6. Technology Integrated Learning

Technology-enabled learning (TEL) has the potential to transform the way school students learn and engage with educational materials. By using digital technology in the classroom, teachers can provide students with a more interactive, personalized, and engaging learning experience.

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This transformation helps the child to move into an intimate zone with the school climate supported by the teaching community. This further creates circles of confidence and self articulation within the child. The child learns to engage in a dialogue and working together. With the emergence of globalization dilution of boundaries is taking place and today’s world calls for partnerships and alliance, technological cooperation, interdependence, cohabitation, coexistence, collaboration etc. Therefore a school system must enable the child to live together in mutual empowerment and create common good for the humanity on the basis of shared values, respecting the child and the teacher and thus strengthening, as well as preserving the best of national cultures within the immediate biosphere that exists in this part of the world. An excellent and a caring school system such as AIMS and its educators recognize the challenges of closer involvement in educating the child in macro and the micro linkages to the demands of credible global curriculum such as CBSE with possible linkages to and exchanges with other curricular practices worldwide.

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We offer Grade 11 Students 50 % to 70% of Tuition fee waiver for students who meets the eligibility criteria.

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Over time, the aspects addressed, become more comprehensive & complete. Thus giving the children the chance to experience the relevance of the skills that were practiced.