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Grade 1 – 5

Grade: 1-5 (Primary Years) During this stage of their development, children start to continuously realize the dynamics within the group leaders as well as the followers start to appear. The children become aware of their own position within the social setting and start to apply critical criteria to their identity as a group member. Beside this discovery, they also find out what involves being right or wrong & have to start creating their own extremes. This within itself is not an easy task to accomplish knowing these characteristics. It is of the utmost importance that the adults, who spend the days with the children, guide them in their process of becoming balanced social beings. On the one hand, they should encourage the children to become strong & confident, whilst on the other hand; they should endeavour to maintain their natural role as a positive group member.

Grade 1 - Cbse

The teachers guide the students to work with smaller or larger groups. Introducing new concepts, revising previously taught lessons, rehearsing needed facts, (or) exposing the children to another aspect of world surrounding them. Having a mindset that is capable of extending beyond the here & now stories can be told that light their flame of imagination. These stories can either take the children with them back & forward in time, space (or) place.

AIMS shines with such a  fascinating due to live in, which allows for many different small group studies, individual projects or an extended research. By making study plans, time lines, draft readings & establishing deadlines, the teachers help the children to work & study in a conductive manner. Managing this variety of topics is a part of daily activities for the teachers with the added bonus that there is an ongoing buss of activities & excitement going on.

The knowledge tradition required in order to function in the society we are living in such as; – writing including good spelling & math facts & operations are taken care on regular basis. It is of utmost importance that during the stage that the children were exposed to the society. In that way, they become conscious of what is needed & expected. “Going Out” is something that continuously takes place. In small groups, children go out & upon their return; they share their experiences with the others. Before or after such a presentation, the teachers highlight the aspects that are relevant in our society.

Over time, the aspects addressed, become more comprehensive & complete. Thus giving the children the chance to experience the relevance of the skills that were practiced.

Whilst helping the child to be prepared for life, enjoyable learning takes place!

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Grade 6 – 12

Teenagers; Wonderful Age! Who stays “negative”?

They’re motivated & interested. After having worked for several years together, we start to wonder if rebellion is a characteristic of this age (or) a response to the traditional approach of education. Teenagers need a reciprocal relationship with the adults. They need to feel accepted & loved. They already doubt & criticize themselves. They don’t need others to do that as well! Over maximum 15 adolescents working with home-teachers & argue of specialists who promote their profession.

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The children feel their passion & their dedication to the topic on all subjects that are presented in an enthusiastic manner that rubs on the students. Teenagers also love going to school when there is respect of their well-being & they’re being challenged with a potpourri of interesting food for thought!

Subject content follows the end terms of the CBSE middle year’s program & therefore, students are given the opportunity to work in different languages. They choose the level of language by adding them to their package as II language & III language (or) as one (or) more additional ones! Multilingualism is a way to be at the Montessori School. Many students come in mono (or) bilingual & leave multilingual.

The middle school also provides a very practical component. Adolescents want to understand how the adult society works & are willing to develop the skills necessary to contribute. They are supported & helped in developing their independence at all levels. “Public speaking & awareness of the political world & institutions were emphasized through newspapers and quizzes. The students have the chance to attend & speak at the several high level meetings.

Becoming the Part of the society whilst feeling accepted & trusted is what we offer to these adolescents. To do that properly & to the utmost we insist on keeping a coherent & small group in which each teenager maintains & strengthens his (or) her importance. Unique individualistic characteristics! Teenagers spin a cocoon. We help them to emerge as beautiful butterflies!