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“Education happens from living life, pursuing passions, reflecting ideas, and getting inspired.”

“Mommy — I Love going to School!”  – Our parents frequently hear these happy words.

For more than 18 years, Abacus International Montessori School has assisted children to thrive academically and personally. Our achievement is formed out of a proven principle: children who are cheerful and confident embrace education with enthusiasm.

Our school does everything to deliver knowledge in a spirit of a joyful adventure. Our commitment to teaching life skills such as collaboration and conflict resolution gives our students the skills they need to face life in an authentic way.

The major focus by the Management & Staff at AIMS is to keep the children Motivated, Energized, Engrossed, Satisfied and most importantly “Happy”!, That being the reason we feel proud to call ourselves “THE HAPPY HAPPENING SCHOOL”. Children are meant to be happy and nuture memories of their childhood, so we at AIMS take utmost importance and emphasize on the children’s happiness, Since this is the right age for them to be themselves.

 So why still wait?

Give us a child and take back a leader.

Parents always seek best education for their child just as they value a place where the children enjoy learning. As a rule, these intentions appear to be in conflict. But at Abacus International Montessori School, academics and amusement go hand in hand.

The AIMS family also believe in nurturing young talent right from their childhood in the fields of Communication, Arts & Craft, Sports, Culturals and all extracurricular activities based on the children’s passion & interest.

We at AIMS provide our students with the utmost knowledge of resources available at our school campus and all our dedicated expert faculty, provide individual attention and support towards all of our students to excel not only in studies, but all the others school activities as well.