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After Schoolarrow - AFTER SCHOOL

A good afterschool program can turn the aimless hours after school into productive learning time. This will expose kids to new interests. We at AIMS concentrate on activities that have social and academic benefits while also building confidence and skills in all children. After school activities can help everyone in them work together, learn from each other, and build friendships.

The programs that we provide take steps so that your child has an equal opportunity to take part in these activities.

 Our after school activities helps in

  • Allow kids to make valuable discoveries
  • Introduce a different kind of learning and skill-building
  • Offer social time (and social learning)
  • Provide mental stimulation
  • Instils confidence
  • Allow for creativity
  • Result in fun and enjoyment

After school activities are a great way for students to participate in a safe and productive environment after school has ended. When the bell rings, it doesn’t mean your child’s day is over.

After school activities are shown to provide a number of benefits for your child. Getting involved in activities is shown to help children be more extroverted and responsible. Children are overall happier and healthier when they are engaged in things they enjoy doing.