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Healthy eating goes a long way!!

A healthy lunch provides sound nutrition to healthy habits and the energy your child needs for the rest of the busy day. We at AIMS make sure the lunch provides your child with one-third of the daily needs for protein, vitamins A and C, iron and calcium, which are critical nutrients often lacking from a child’s diet.

When children don’t eat a healthy lunch, it’s harder for them to concentrate at school and to muster the energy for after school activities.

A balanced diet helps your child in the following:

  • Improved academic achievement.
  • Enforcing healthy eating habits
  • Staying healthy with proper nutrition.
  • Addresses Obesity
  • Develops a Better Attitude
  • Optimal athletic performance

We believe that children can’t learn if they haven’t eaten. Thus, some schools serve healthy lunches to address this notion. And AIMS cares for the healthy being of our children, and strives to ensure that the students have at least one healthy meal each day, during the school week.

The benefits of healthy school lunches should not be ignored. students perform better when provided nutritional meals. If your ward is not opting for healthy lunches, it is time to start!!